Here at the Children’s Synergistic Learning Collaborative, we believe a viable culture depends on mentally healthy, socially intelligent, and self-directed individuals. Our mission is to provide an environment that will help realize these core tenets.  

The Children’s Synergistic Learning Collaborative is an innovative learning environment that intentionally connects emotional, social and intellectual development. Our collaborative is made up of children of all ages and abilities and skilled educators who accompany them as they pursue interests and develop essential skills and competencies. The unique mix of ability and ages within our community provides valuable peer-to-peer modeling, tutoring and mentoring opportunities for all children.

Our learning model necessitates collaboration, self-management, innovation, and civic responsibility.  Learning experiences are thoughtfully crafted to provide opportunities for children to work individually and collectively as they observe, investigate, evaluate, develop ideas, and problem solve. In addition to conventional text and classroom-based learning, we recognize our local community and the surrounding environment as our foremost resources for learning. Computer applications and online resources are utilized to further provide relevant, dynamic, and individualized learning experiences for children.