Here at the Children’s Synergistic Learning Collaborative we believe a viable culture depends on mentally healthy, socially intelligent, and self-directed individuals: knowledgeable, kind and fair-minded citizens who understand and appreciate the influence they are bound to have on the world around them. Our mission is to provide an environment that will help realize these core tenets.  The Children’s Synergistic Learning Collaborative offers an innovative learning environment made up of children of all ages and abilities. One that intentionally connects emotional, social and academic development in order to cultivate the skills necessary for all children to effectively navigate their lives and fully participate in their communities. We are a collaborative, professionally-supported learning community where each child has the opportunity to develop their individual aptitudes within a safe, inclusive and naturalistic environment. Children’s SLC practices inclusion, appreciates diversity, encourages independence and self-direction, and promotes dialogue, compassion, and understanding.



Children’s SLC provides a new environment for children to learn – one that: includes children of mixed ages and abilities; connects emotional, social and academic development; and guides children as they pursue interests and develop essential skills and competencies. Our approach to learning is based on principles of respect, freedom to learn, and thoughtful guidance.

Our learning models encourage innovation, effective collaboration, self-management, empathy, and civic responsibility among many other intra and interpersonal skills our students need in order to  successfully navigate the world and truly master content.

Educators provide experiential learning opportunities in the classroom, outdoors and in the community and guide children when needed using modeling, dialogue, and at times direct instruction. The learning environments are carefully designed to provide opportunities for children to work together and individually as they investigate, evaluate, develop ideas, and problem solve. Computer applications and online resources are utilized to further provide relevant, dynamic, and individualized learning experiences for children.

The unique mix of ability and ages within the learning community provides valuable peer-to-peer modeling, tutoring and mentoring opportunities for children in the program. This model maximizes a child’s ability to develop their communication and social skills and helps them to more successfully navigate their learning environment, home and community.


The path forward, it seems, is to connect. To earn enrollment in having others join you in a journey of education. If you can teach something, find someone who will benefit and teach them. And if you can connect and make education accessible, it creates a new standard for the people you care about. – Seth Godin