CSLC’s approach places emotional intelligence at the forefront as it is the foundation for many critical skills. The world’s understanding of success is expanding. Cognition—or what we “know”— is no longer considered the greatest determining factor to success. Rather, emotional intelligence— or the ability to understand and manage our emotions and relationships—is now regarded as more important to engendering success. “How” our children think and feel enables them to develop far greater than what they “know.” The ability to think and feel in an intelligent way is what will propel them as individuals and protect them from alienation. Optimal development results in connected and engaged citizens who are equipped to make responsible decisions, identify and solve problems, be active in their communities, set goals and persevere, and above all else, be kinder to themselves and others.  We achieve our mission by focusing on three pillars of learning.

Crafts in Education

Personalized and Self-Directed Learning

This pillar intentionally puts students at the center of the learning experience and guides them to see and value themselves, own their experience, and become lifelong learners. The world as it is demands individuals who demonstrate agency and can manage and direct themselves...

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Inclusive and Collaborative Learning

This pillar fosters empathy and the ability to work as a team (cooperation). Cohorts and teams are the practice, no longer the exception. The ability to collaborate well is one of the most sought-after skills in education and the workplace and is therefore paramount to our children’s success...

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Place-Based and Experiential Learning

The third pillar cultivates an approach to learning that creates authentic and engaging learning experiences by employing the power of place.  At CSLC, the classroom is not confined to walls—it is the world around us. Understanding place begins with understanding self... 

“By education I mean an all-round drawing out of the best in the child and man; body, mind and spirit.”

- Mahatma Gandhi, President of the Indian National Congress, activist

Children's SLC is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit. To donate, please contact us.

Children's SLC is a nonprofit learning collaborative in Salt Lake City, UT. Our classroom largely depends on events and fundraisers to raise funds for children from diverse areas and family income structures. Money raised pays for scholarships, buys passes to various venues around Salt Lake City and provides supplies for learning and creative expression. Please contact us about donations or ask us about our annual Gala and Art Shows.


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